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Blue Honeycreepers

Bird Photo Coffee Table Book Series

The title of this book is “Blue Honeycreepers” because of the bright blue coloring in the Red-legged and Yellow-legged Honeycreeper male birds. When I started writing this I was amazed at the lack of information about these really interesting birds. The internet had mostly rewritten information from the Honeycreeper Wikipedia page. So I set out to try and create not just a photo book, but a book that included some facts about the birds and commentary on their behavior.

The photos for this book were taken in a certified bird conservatory which means they might not be behaving the same that they do in the wild, however from what I have been able to learn from the various references I was able to find their behavior is pretty much the same.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed putting it together and as much as Vinny and I enjoyed photographing them.
~ Deborah Carney

About the photographers:
Deborah Carney is a professional photographer that loves nature in all it’s forms. Publishing several series of books that are not only full of beautiful photographs, but also explaining to readers what the photographs are of, in many cases including appropriate inspirational quotes and poetry to augment the value of the books.

Vinny O’Hare is newer to the photography scene, but has a great eye and is a co-photographer on many of Deborah’s books, as well as publishing many books of his own.